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About Us

The L M Thomas Group releases organizations and their leaders to grow strategically through a full menu of business consulting services.

  • We help connect vision to results through strategic business planning, system mapping, and process design.
  • We come alongside leaders to advise and coach them as they reach their goals.
  • We provide information to make clear decisions through surveys, assessments, and analytics.

We want to see you thrive!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Sometimes, looking at the complexity of what you need to do in your business is like looking at multiple unfinished jigsaw puzzles all poured out together on one table. Some of the pieces have fallen on the floor out of sight.

Some things look like they should go together, but they're actually part of different puzzles. Some pieces are upside-down. Others, we have forced together just to have something assembled - but do they really go together?

At the L M Thomas Group, we believe that every person we encounter is intelligent, creative, resourceful, and whole. We're not here to fix people, or show people how much smarter we are than they are. We know we aren't the only ones with good ideas in the room. We know we aren't the only resource you have to draw from. 

What we are exceptionally good at is helping release the intelligence, creativity, resourcefulness, and health that's already there - and helping it come to the forefront. We help set you free from the challenges that hold those good things back.

Matt HeadshotMatthew M. (Matt) Thomas is the President and co-founder of the L M Thomas Group. Matt has 10 years of consulting experience working in businesses of all sizes, non-profits and faith-based organizations. He specializes in helping people diagnose the root causes of organizational challenges, and then creating a clear process to make healthy decisions so leaders can move forward and thrive.

You've seen it over and over again, haven't you? 

People facing multiple challenges simultaneously, all of which have potentially critical impacts on organizational life - and they freeze up. Or they start playing the blame game. Or they spend all their time on other things, ignoring the situation. And usually they do all three.

I was that guy. I got stuck there - a young leader in fight / flight / freeze, held hostage by my own organization. But I got out of that, and so can you. There were six simple things I did.

Can you relate to this story?

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