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Your business as a jigsaw puzzle - or puzzles!

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Jigsaw Puzzle

Sometimes, looking at the complexity of what you need to do in your business is like looking at multiple unfinished jigsaw puzzles all poured out together on one table. Some of the pieces have fallen on the floor out of sight.

Some things look like they should go together, but they're actually part of different puzzles. Some pieces are upside-down. Others, we have forced together just to have something assembled - but do they really go together?

This kind of complexity in our business raises our emotions to the fight-flight-freeze of being trapped in something we can't get out of. It feels awful - especially as it eats at our time, money, and energy we would prefer to spend on other things.

At the L M Thomas Group, we can help you break free and get your business jigsaw puzzles in order.

L M Thomas Group President Matt Thomas describes it this way:

It wasn't until I was in my mid-30s, married, with our first child on the way, when my wife revealed something to me about myself that I had never realized. And when she revealed it, the foundations of what I thought were normal were shaken.

What was this great revelation?

I do jigsaw puzzles differently than most people. And that makes me faster at them than most people.

I know - jigsaw puzzles. Not a deep secret, not a significant life challenge.

But jigsaw puzzles are all about problem solving - and, evidently, I do that differently than most people. I tend to start working from what is the brightest and the most clearly defined, and work outward from there. This typically means I start with well-defined boundaries and work inward toward the less-defined elements.

This approach serves me well in business consulting. Oftentimes, leaders I work with know the well-defined boundaries they have already, but can't hold to them because everything else is chaotic or otherwise out of order.

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