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Nobody can see the back of their own head.

Everyone has something that is driving them crazy in their business.

Systems are not broken; they are producing the exact results they are optimized to produce.

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People are creative, resourceful, and whole.

We prioritize process orientation over quick results.

To give the best help, we must balance the one-up, one-down of outside advice.

  • The needs of the client come first.
  • We haven’t seen it all.
  • The best projects are the ones where we learn something new.

We favor a collaborative stance in our work over competition.

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Running a business can feel a lot like being at a piñata party.
Your Business as a pinata party


Excitement? Chaos? Wild Swinging? Sound Familiar?

People are running around, while managers do their best to keep people on task.
But then, the target everyone is trying to hit: the piñata. While you blindly flail at a moving target. And you're trying not to hit the 5-year-old behind you, or get hit yourself... we've all seen AFV, right?

And if you're the one who actually hits it, it's exhilarating.
But when you do hit it, the moment isn't one you savor: you have to scramble to get your candy before it's all snapped up by the others.
Piñata parties are fun, exciting and chaotic, but they're no way to run a business.

And we bring order to the chaos, and keep you from getting hit by a wild swing.

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At the L M Thomas Group, we believe that every person we encounter is intelligent, creative, resourceful, and whole. We're not here to fix people, or show people how much smarter we are than they are. We know we aren't the only ones with good ideas in the room. We know we aren't the only resource you have to draw from. 

What we are exceptionally good at is helping release the intelligence, creativity, resourcefulness, and health that's already there - and helping it come to the forefront. We help set you free from the challenges that hold those good things back.