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Firefighting to Growth

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shutterstock 765819388Kelli purchased a small business and approached us to help get her office processes in order. She knew she wanted to grow her business, but at that moment, she and her staff were spending all their time on the work they already had. We worked with her on her office processes and a strategic direction for growth over a period of a year. Six weeks after concluding our work together, Kelli acquired another business that added 25% more clients to her portfolio. Due to the process efficiencies, strategic direction, and staff engagement we worked on together, she was able to do that without having to take on any more full-time staff.

Soon after purchasing a company and struggling to find a direction for growth, I began working with Matt.  He helped us tie together our two revenue streams and poise us for expansion.  Just two weeks ago, we purchased another company, far exceeding our growth goals for the year.  The ability to do this was in large part because of the work we did with Matt. - Kelli Berry, The Weiner Companies

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Matthew M. Thomas

Matthew M. Thomas, EPC, is the President of the L M Thomas Group.

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