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Jamie Pulliam, Project Consultant


After 14 years of management and creative experience in advertising working with brands such as Apple, Starbucks, Target, M&Ms, Honda, and General Mills, Jamie transitioned her career into tech.

Inspired by the potential of startups, particularly in their ability to have a scalable impact, she’s spent the last five years in this space consulting and working in-house leading B2C+B2B teams. In this capacity, she’s worked across the healthcare/mental health, social impact, nutrition, e-commerce, retail, SAAS, travel, aerospace, and digital media industries.

Jamie brings experience in setting strategy and driving execution for marketing, partnerships, business planning, change management, and operations. She approaches her work with empathy, a growth mindset, and an excitement for solving business challenges.


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Matthew M. Thomas, President, L M Thomas Group

Matthew M. (Matt) Thomas is the President and co-founder of the L M Thomas Group. Matt has 10 years of consulting experience working in businesses of all sizes, non-profits and faith-based organizations. He specializes in helping people diagnose the root causes of organizational challenges, and then creating a clear process to make healthy decisions so leaders can move forward and thrive.
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Lisa R. Thomas is the Executive Vice-President of the L M Thomas Group. Lisa is an expert in Emotional Intelligence and conflict management. With a M.A. in Counseling and a B.A. in Chemistry, she balances both the human-empathetic concerns and the need for systemic rigor in any organizational system.


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Mark Dirksen, Associate Consultant

With 40+ years in non-profit, business, and fine arts activities Mark Dirksen has worked on all sides of institutional life.  His early training as a choral musician / conductor gives him front-line experience in group dynamics and leadership under pressure.  As the Deputy for Administration at the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island he was the architect and implementer of a new three-year budget cycle.  He brought that financial expertise to his five-year service on the Board of the North Shore (Boston) Association of Realtors as Treasurer and Secretary.  And his diverse experience as a churchman, volunteer, business manager, and Realtor® gives him operational expertise along with political acumen and deep systemic insight.  His special passions are Board Development & Training, Financial Stewardship, and Personality Types / Styles (Meyer-Briggs, DISC, Enneagram.)


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Valencia Moses, Project Consultant


An organization is nothing without its identity. Often over time and growth, identity and mission dilute to a disconnect between our “job” and “the work we do,” leading to dispassionate product and high turnover.

With her studies and practice in communication and rhetoric, Kate has a unique skill of helping organizations (re)realize, understand, and ultimately articulate their identity in meaningful ways – both internally, and externally. Every successful organization knows that messaging does not begin and end with marketing, as every member is a face and voice of the brand, and your audience can be anyone they are in contact with.  Utilizing strategies of interpolation, Kate has been effective in uniting every level from volunteers, to staff, to leadership around a common set of values, narrative, and goals. What we do, and why we do it. With these skills, individuals are enabled to act as effective ambassadors of a missioned brand they relate to and believe in. If you believe in what you do, so will your audience.  

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Joseph Rasmus

Joseph Rasmus is a Project Consultant with L M Thomas Group. Joey takes a process-driven approach to improve goal setting and feedback loops. In turn, these gains increase efficiency and team cohesion. He also champions game-based learning models to enhance human capital and productivity. In addition to his six years of consulting experience, Joey has had the opportunity to refine these best practices as a high-performance rugby coach.


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Ryan Smith, Marketing Assistant

Ryan Smith is a senior at the University of Illinois. He is pursuing a BA in advertising and is a member of the American Advertising Federation. He also plays rugby for the University of Illinois.