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Kate Klipp, Project Consultant

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Valencia Moses, Project Consultant


An organization is nothing without its identity. Often over time and growth, identity and mission dilute to a disconnect between our “job” and “the work we do,” leading to dispassionate product and high turnover.

With her studies and practice in communication and rhetoric, Kate has a unique skill of helping organizations (re)realize, understand, and ultimately articulate their identity in meaningful ways – both internally, and externally. Every successful organization knows that messaging does not begin and end with marketing, as every member is a face and voice of the brand, and your audience can be anyone they are in contact with.  Utilizing strategies of interpolation, Kate has been effective in uniting every level from volunteers, to staff, to leadership around a common set of values, narrative, and goals. What we do, and why we do it. With these skills, individuals are enabled to act as effective ambassadors of a missioned brand they relate to and believe in. If you believe in what you do, so will your audience.  

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