rotary smartphoneDefinition of Adaptive Change

Adaptive Change shifts mindsets, habits, behaviors, and culture in order to respond to adaptive challenges, which are challenges where:

This is in contrast to three other types of change:

Technical Change:

Technical changes involve the use of tools, processes, people, and procedures with clear expertise (and the authority to execute the change), to solve clearly-defined problems, with clear solutions.

Technical-Adaptive Change:

Technical-Adaptive changes occur in systems with clearly-defined problems where the solutions are not clear, and those with expertise and/or authority, and those who are stakeholders in the change must collaborate to learn, discover, and develop solutions together.

Complex-Technical Change:

Complex-Technical changes occur in systems where problems are not clearly defined and require learning and/or discovery to even define the problem. Once the problem is clarified, however, a clear technical solution emerges, and an authority / expert can execute the solution.