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Coaching Plans

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To help our clients as they get out of firefighting mode, deal with their numbers, and make critical decisions, we have a variety of plans available.


Our Executive Coaching packages for Organizational Leaders

Our Executive Coaching helps leaders of organizations build their capacity, develop professionally, solve complex problems, and maintain a high-level view of their organization.

Each plan session includes a one-hour coaching meeting and a 15-minute laser-focused phone meeting.

Six-Session Plan: Six coaching sessions, usually spread over six months.

Twelve-Session Plan: Twelve coaching sessions, usually spread over twelve months.

Single-Session Plan: A single session with no plan attached.


Our CliftonStrengths Coaching Packages for Individuals


Our CliftonStrengths Coaching helps individuals who want to navigate changes with greater confidence by decreasing stress and increasing motivation.


Strengths Assessment Introduction: Your CliftonStrengths Assessment, plus three coaching sessions to help you reflect on how you experience these strengths in your life and how to best put your strengths into practice.

Strengths Development: Your CliftonStrengths Assessment, plus five coaching sessions to help you dig in to how you can develop your work around your core strengths (while delegating the rest).

Strengths Activation: Your CliftonStrengths Assessment, plus ten coaching sessions help you explore how to activate your strengths in the areas of life that matter most to you and map out a plan for how to aim your strengths to experience success.


Our CliftonStrengths Coaching Packages for Teams

Our CliftonStrengths Coaching helps teams who want to collaborate more efficiently by eliminating barriers to effective communication and productivity.

Strengths Assessment Introduction: CliftonStrengths Assessments for the Team Leader + Team Members, one hour meeting with Team Leader, and two hour meeting with entire team. 3 Hours.

Strengths Development: Strengths introduction package, plus five hours worth of individual coaching for five team members prior to the two-hour team meeting. 8 Hours.

Strengths Activation: Strengths introduction and development packages, plus a customized strengths-based leadership summary presented to the team leader, and three 1-hour follow-ups with leader/team after 30, 60, and 90 days. 12 Hours.


Our CliftonStrengths Packages for Groups

Our CliftonStrengths Coaching provides groups interested in facilitated sessions with the opportunity to focus on overcoming barriers facing the populations they serve by leading with strengths in mind. Each workshop is customized to meet the needs of each group, whether it brings departments together within an organization or is comprised of individuals from multiple organizations. Each person registered for the session will receive a code to complete the CliftonStrengths Assessment prior to the facilitated session for the amount of time that fits with the investment your group wants to make. Please contact us to explore pricing options for groups larger than 30.


2 Hours of Facilitation—An Introduction to Leading from Your Strengths

4 Hours of Facilitation—Strengths-Based Strategic Planning

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