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Write Business Plan with Investor Input:

One-Page Plan:

Boil your business down into its one-page basics – easily updatable on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. This not only helps you plan your business but manage its development as well. Public price: $1800.00. iStart Price: $1530.00 (15% off)

Business Modeling:

Before you start writing a business plan, make sure you have an initial design for your business that takes into account the nine basic elements of every business. Use the Strategyzer Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design process to build your overall business model, from which you can write a comprehensive business plan. Public price: $4800.00. iStart Price: $4080.00 (15% off)

Plan to Pitch:

Transform your business plan into a clear pitch that will capture the attention of investors. Public Price: $3000.00. iStart Price: $2550.00 (15% off)

Business Plan Writing:

Write a business plan of a quality that investors will be excited to read. Standalone Public Price: $6,000.00. iStart Price: $5100.00 (15% off)
Bundled with all the above – 25% off individual pieces. Public: $11,700.00. iStart Price: $9,945.00 (15% off Public)

Market Research

Research Question Development:

Craft the right questions to get the right responses to your marketing challenge. Public price: $2800.00. iStart Price: $2380.00 (15% off)

Focus Group Facilitation:

Per focus group. Public Price: $935.00 iStart Price: $795.00 (15% off)

Market Survey Analysis:

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of a survey. Public Price: $5600.00. iStart Price: $4760.00 (15% off)

Marketing Strategy / Marketing Plan:

Create a marketing plan that will connect you to the right customers through the right channels. Public Price: $6,000.00. iStart Price: $5100.00 (15% off)

Financial Projections:

With Established Numbers: Public: $1800.00 / iStart $1530.00.

Without Established Numbers: Public $4800.00 / iStart $4080.00.

Hiring and Incorporation Decisions:

Coaching Approach:

Work with an advisor in regular coaching sessions as you develop your business. Per session, minimum of 4 sessions. Phone/Videoconference: $325.00 / In-Person $400.00 (33% off)

Business Solutions Approach:

Collaborate with a consultant-advisor as you work through your business development challenges. $1050.00 per session, minimum of 3 sessions. (15% off)

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